The tragic news of widespread  flooding and death in  Pakistan  through out the news is heart wrenching.  It always seems to be the struggling, poorer countries that are being hit- time and time again- with disaster after disaster.
 It is an incredible journey for this project- from recognizing malnutrition  and treating babies , then to prenatal moms and now flood relief. An amazing story.
RUTF *’’Ready to use Therapeutic Food’’* formula is used world wide in Famine, earthquakes, tsunamis and floods, equally for children and Adults. Provides quick and long lasting energy, protein, 500 calories and Essential body nutrients and amino acids. No refrigeration or preparation required.

RUTF being most suitable food for flood victims, we decided to purchase 30,000 meals on special discount and distribute through army. Core Commander Rawalpindi agreed to distribute on army helicopters to unreachable areas. 

*Please help us reach our target of $11000 ASAP and oblige*. 
Call *NAJEEB*or Cathy for more questions. 

3500 tents target achieved today. Being deployed by army helicopters to most remotest and unreachable effected areas.