Eden Secondary School Interact Club, sponsored by South
We have a very active Interact Club at Eden, with Karen Chcoski the teacher/advisor.  I just received the new Interact Handbook from R.I., and it is a wonderful booklet for not just Interact, but also for our club.  You can download it from R.I.
For example, under the heading ?MAKE MEMBERSHIP MEANINGFUL", it says:
    " Through your Interact club, you can lead service projects, promote international understanding, and help your fellow members develop leadership skills. Interact clubs organize at least two activities every year: one that helps their school or community and one that promotes international understanding. But your club has the potential to accomplish much more. Members can have fun and find purpose in working on causes they care about. This chapter covers the basic steps for conducting club activities and offers ideas for deepening your experience and expanding your impact."
South does a pretty good job on all 3 points, yet we can do more, and the more  members get involved, the more meaningful it will be for all of us.  Cheers, Dan.