12:15   Call to Order

National Anthem - Krystal

Invocation - Jeff

Toast to Queen Canada and Rotary - John 



Assistant/Area Governor (ADG) - Tommy Wegge - Rotary Club of St. Catharines Downtown

Captain Jason Page - Retired - Guest Speaker

Dr. Ken Taylor - Not Just  A Tourist / Warehouse of Hope  -Rotary Club of St. Catharines Downtown  - Cathy

Mrs. Denise Taylor- Not Just A Tourist and Warehouse of Hope

Jane Gordon-RN - Warehouse of Hope

Anna Demchyshyn -AMD for Hope 



President’s Announcements

  • New location for meetings status - all St. Catharines Clubs will meet tomorrow via zoom with City Staff to discuss the next steps in regards to the new location of the Welland Canal Lock Three.


RUTF - 66,000 meals have now been airlifted to stranded villages in Pakistan-totally funded by private donations Our main RUTF program remains intact

Abaco Trees (140) have arrived partnering with Rotary Club of Nassau,Trees That Feed and Ministry of Agriculture-Bahamas

Social on the 10th- 4:30-7:30   at Joey’s place  Fenwick head count needed . Please register by tomorrow

Lisa - officially  announced the Hayden donation of $20,000.00 to the Hospice Children’s Bereavement Program  in memory of Bob Hayden. The room was officially open with a plaque naming Bob Hayden and our club as sponsors. The donation will also include the cost of running the program annually. Our club will continue to support yearly through bingo funding.



Tommy- happy to be here

Jason- happy to be here to present the Ukrainian situation

Ed- sad dollar- Hamilton lost again to Toronto 

Cathy- happy that Jason is back safely and to see so many Rotarians and guests today

Krystal- happy the children are back to school

               Will be supporting Hospice Niagara Taste Festival this week-end

Debi- glad to be here

Jim H- sad that the kids are back at school,

            Coached his last baseball game- and they won

Jane- happy to be here for Jason’s presentation

Mike- leaving tomorrow for 11 day motorcycle ride to Winnipeg- fund raiser for

Jeff- happy to be golfing with Dan and Najeeb

Dan- leaving tomorrow for a 1 month trip to Europe- please deliver all donations to the TV auction  to his home while he’s away- 5 Via Del Monte- must be catalogued by Oct 13th

Denise- happy to be attending

Anna- thanked all Rotarians and private supporters for The Ukraine

Ken- thanked Dan for reminding him to get donations for his downtown club for the auction

Julio- happy he made it in time from his commuting from Toronto for today’s meeting

Matt- happy for good health



Retired Captain  Royal  Canadian Artillery Jason Page-Cathy

Retired  Military Captain Page- married with a daughter 9 years old

Lives outside of Ottawa in Mallory Town,

Trained for 4 years as a Medic- to participate in the Canadian Military tour in Afghanistan, became injured before leaving, was appointed  a Course Officer  (Captain)in Hamilton- served for 15 years 

Founded Disaster in a Box and Ambulances For The Ukraine

Has  participated in  2 training missions to Ukraine so far- just returned  safely  last month.



Quick mission summary with pictures and some captions for them.

We are in Poland now and flying home in a couple of days. It has been a long 21 days In our efforts to support Ukraine in the war against Russia. 

This trip we:

1) Delivered 3 more fully stalked and operational ambulances These were 4x4 ones.

2) Trained 386 Ukrainian troops in the basics TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care)

3) Delivered 1 Tone of salt to a fishing community

4) Worked on the front line in Donbas as medics.

5) Provided the military with front line trama bags bags.

6) Delivered hundreds of Tourniquet, bandages, decompression needles, burn dressings and other life saving supplies.

7) purchased and delivered food for a group of families who had been living uncovered since the start of the war. They were in a partially calapsed apartment building basement and crawl space. 

8 ) Gave a weeks grocieres to a woman whos husband had been killed for her and her 7 year old boy. As they strugle without work and only enough money forn2 more months rent. 

9) Gave several field trama bages to the military for their front line medics. 

10) and duscovered counterfeit Tourniquets that had been delivered by another aid group. The aid group did not know they were cheep Chinese knockoffs that could kill people. We managed to stop ther delivery and recover most of them from the field befor people got killed. More on this as we continue to investigate why Amazon continues to sell counterfit medical supplies.

We did more than we had planed to. We were able to do this with your donations.

We going to take a rest and start planing our next two missions. One will be further medical support and training. The other is far more ambitious and that is to build a medical facility with ambulance bays, trauma bays, diagnostic equipment, and a bomb shelter. This will be put in a community that has had all its hospitals destroyed by Russian artillery, rocketry, and tanks.

Lots more to do as the war rages on and is actualy intensifying.



Thanking the Speaker-Julio