St. Catharines South

14th Annual MEGA Rotary TV Auction
December 1, December 2, December 3, 2022

The Rotary clubs of St Catharines South, St Catharines, Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls Sunrise, Welland,
Fonthill, and Fort Erie, together with YourTV are back for the fourteenth year in a row, bringing our MEGA
auction to the Niagara region and beyond.
Thank you!! We appreciate your support of the auction, and all Rotary events and fundraisers.
With your help, our clubs have been very busy during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have contributed to
local food banks; provided computer tablets to long-term care facilities so that residents could remain in
contact with families during isolation; sewn masks and delivered them to frontline workers and others in
the community; and many other initiatives.
We need your help again. Many of our fundraisers had been cancelled during the Covid years –
Ribfests, Purse Bingos, Father’s Day Roses, Family Fun Fests, and more. We relied on the MEGA Rotary
TV Auction to enable all of our clubs to support all of our communities. We continue to depend on our
Auction to enable all of our clubs to carry on their good works in their communities.
How does your donation help your business serve to change lives?
During the televised auction, your donated item with a value between $50 (minimum) and $300 receives
airtime during a 10-minute segment, including a visual description at the beginning of the segment.
Donations of greater value - more than $300 - are featured in special time slots, as major items. Naturally,
the more items you donate, the more exposure you receive.
Online bidding opens on Wednesday November 23, a full week before the televised auction. This gives
our shoppers time to become familiar with your donations, and start bidding on their favourites.
Last year the MEGA Rotary TV Auction was among the most watched programs on Your TV, reaching
about 100,000 homes from Fort Erie to Grimsby.
Deadline for donations is Friday October 14. Please confirm your support with your Rotary contact.
Important Note: we cannot accept any donations which are conditional upon the customer having to
spend more money - such as trial offers, discounts, or additional purchases. Not acceptable examples:
1) $500 or 10% discount on contract of $2500 or more
2) Limited time free membership with purchase of 1-year term
3) Buy second item at reduced price in order to make use of purchased item.
Your donations are extremely important to us and we thank you for following these guidelines.
To participate, complete or update the attached information form with the details of your donation.
If you have questions or require assistance, please call your Rotary contact.
Thank you again for your continuing support!!