On a recent visit to Warehouse of Hope/Not Just A Tourist in Niagara on the Lake, member Cathy was made aware of a great need for large, used suitcases to transport medical supplies to developing countries.

The Warehouse already has over 12 orders from various countries but cannot send the supplies without suitcases for tourists to carry them. If anyone has old suitcases that they would like to donate-- please bring them to our meeting next week at Cats.and they will get delivered to the Warehouse of Hope.

She also noticed a project of crocheting plastic milk bags into bedding matts.- These matts have been sent around the globe to facilitate people- especially children- to have some comfort on a hard ground. What better way to help the environment than to recycle these bags into the matts for a soft place to lay a head.

Please collect your bags- bring them to any meeting and Cathy will take them to the warehouse.

Once again, our club recognizes a need and steps up to help. A small gesture to facilitate meeting a global need.