As a leader in Rotary, you’re among the first to learn about an exciting update to Raise for Rotary, The Rotary Foundation’s peer-to-peer fundraising platform. When a Rotary member organizes a Raise for Rotary fundraiser, their club can now earn credit for donations made by nonmembers. This enhancement recognizes organizers for their hard work and encourages them to reach out beyond their Rotary networks for support.

Since the launch of Raise for Rotary in August 2020, more than 1,500 fundraising events have generated more than $1 million for the World Fund, the PolioPlus Fund, the Disaster Response Fund, and Rotary’s areas of focus. The platform is available worldwide in English and accepts U.S., Canadian, and Australian currencies. Additional currencies and language options will be added over time.

Additional benefits of Raise for Rotary include:
  • Empowering Rotary members
  • To raise money for The Rotary Foundation, creative members have used a variety of external platforms, but those have limitations. Raise for Rotary is a custom-branded platform that’s integrated with our online giving system. This makes it easier to create a fundraiser that supports specific Rotary causes and expands our reach on social media.
  • Giving donors recognition credit
  • When people give through Raise for Rotary using the email address they use for other Rotary functions, such as their My Rotary account, they will receive Rotary giving credit and recognition. External platforms make it difficult for us to extend Rotary giving credit, which can lead to frustration and confusion for donors.
  • Minimizing fees to do more good
External platforms have their own fee structures, rules, and guidelines. With our own platform, we can process gifts more efficiently, which means more of the funds donated go directly toward Doing Good in the World.

Thank you for your dedicated leadership and support for The Rotary Foundation. If you have additional questions, please review our Raise for Rotary FAQ or email us at

The Rotary Foundation