The park in Old Glenridge is now officially open.
On Wednesday, October 5, 2022, on a glorious autumn afternoon, the ceremony officially opening Partridge Park was held.  The Rotary Club of St. Catharines South paid for the 7 benches in the park, by way of donations from several donors including Cats Caboose; and a $4,500 District 7090 grant.  The park is located on property that was Glenridge School, but is now mostly condos, except for this playground. The area includes accessible playground equipment for young children;  a basketball court that now features a plaque noting the 30 year contribution to local basketball by Bob Miller; and a field that is converted to an ice rink in the winter.  Attendees included Rotary South members Lisa Raham, Jeff Thomas, Shafee Bachus, and Dan Toppari.  The park is named after the (late) Peter and Janet Partridge family, who moved to the area 50 years ago, and who have made significant contributions to the St. Catharines community and Old Glenridge.  In the photo making speeches are the main park organizers:  John Netherway, Kerry Leask and Tom Richardson.   A donor board has been erected, and the donors of the Rotary benches are prominently displayed.