As part of World Earth Day, Rotary Clubs from one end of the Great Lakes Watershed, to the other, are cleaning a vast area of our homeland, removing litter wherever it may be.
I postponed Saturday due to rain and so on Sunday I had 1 helper instead of the 8.  From our Interact club at Eden HS Jwan and her mother helped.  The old Welland canal emerges from underground at the very south end of St. Catharines (at the top of the escarpment) and the area around there is a literal dump.  We cleaned the road to that area and down the hill to the canal.  I kept cleaning after Jwan left and estimate 500 lbs of garbage.  7 bags full, plus furniture; building supplies; a garbage container full of garbage; booze bottles; a tent etc.  Lots of cardboard and plastic.    I hope to return with the full crew in May so we can finish cleaning the ‘dump’ and carry on down Bradley St./Merritt Trail/ Bruce Trail to Glendale Ave.      Dan