Read the minutes from our last Club Meeting, featuring Joey Trussell Classification Talk.


President Julio started the meeting 12:20PM 

Oh Canada - Lisa Raham

Invocation & 4 Way Test - Jim Hooper

Toast - John Teibert



Lena Miele - Guest of Krystal Riddell



President’s Announcements 

  • New location for meetings status - all St. Catharines Clubs will meet next week to discuss the next steps in regards to the new location of the Welland Canal Lock Three.
  • Birthdays - Norris Brown August 6,  Debby Yeager August 15,  David Henry August 18,  Deborah Garneau August 18,  Cathy Henry August 19,  Dan Toppari August 27


Cathy Henry - International Committee

  • 140 breadfruit trees have arrived in Abaco

Dan Toppari - TV AUCTION

  • Please have donations by Sept 7th if possible as Dan leaving Oct. 3rd 
  • Dan and Jonas belong to the BREW (Beers Rotarians Enjoy Worldwide). The local chapter will meet at Oast House
    NOTL- August 25 at 5 PM.
  • Sept 19th - Annual golf tournament- Niagara Falls Noon club
  • Sept 21st - Welland Club - Bocci tournament - Wednesday, September 21
Krystal - Raffle fund raiser - partnering with St. George’s Anglican Church - proceeds to  Niagara Sexual Assault   Centre - 6 sponsors so far.
Najeeb - International Committee - RUTF - flooding in Pakistan - 3,500 tents, food – $40,000 raised- 300 cartons - 45,000 meals - to be delivered by helicopter to stranded villages
Cathy - Luggage - Warehouse of  Hope needs large old suitcases to sends medical supplies to various countries
Backpacks for Ukraine - Sent through The Warehouse of Hope to a Rotary club in the Ukraine. Cathy to find out the Rotary Club name and number.


Julio -  met cousin who he hasn’t seen in 20 years  who became officially a landed immigrant to Canada yesterday.
Cathy- “Strong Like Woman”  Cathy and David have adopted a Ukrainian refugee family of 3 adults and three children. and the 10 year old girl is an adorable child who, while helping unload the car of supplies, insisted on carrying items that were as big as her to the apartment. Her comment above is what I was told when I hesitated in giving her something to carry because of weight and size.Good mantra to follow.
Joey - Has added another school to his mentoring program.     More to follow in his Classification speech.
Jim Hooper - Blue Jays- taking family to game tonight to see Marcus Stroman pitch
Lena - possibly joining club - Julio knows her family well
Lisa - welcomed Lena  to the club. Leaving shortly for “ The Lodge” for a week of relaxation
Krystal- welcomed Lena. Taking the entire family  to BC
John- has just returned from a wonderful family vacation in BC
Ed - wishes Hamilton Tiger Cats would beat  Toronto Argonauts just once this year 
Dan- golfing with Jeff, Najeeb and Julio on Wednesday and inaugural meeting of BREW  (Beer Rotarians Enjoy Worldwide) was held last week. More info to follow
Patti - son graduated as electrical engineer now insists that everything in the house must be to code.
Debi - nephew returned from working on  NASA – Artemis mission to the moon. Hope he can be a speaker  at one of our meetings
Najeeb - will be a new grandfather soon and youngest son getting married


Julio introduced our guest speaker Joey Trussell

He is married to a wonderful woman Desiree who stole his heart with her beauty and baking. They have 3 kids ages 3, 5, and 7 that still run to the door whenever I leave or come home. As for work, he is with a youth centre seeking to see the full potential in all students. He does this by going into the DSBN Academy to volunteer for them however I can. As well as providing tutoring, employment, friendship and mentoring to many youth that come to the centre.

Guest Speaker - Joey Trussell
Grew up in St. Catharines- 
Teaching degree from Brock
Masters of Divinity from Heritage College
Job in Cambridge for 8 years
He has a passion for teaching
Teaching as a volunteer - DSBN- 3 days a week- offering one on one mentoring Math at the Academy—
Youth Unlimited - to see the potential of all students - is a place for kids to have fun
The centre is a Drop in Centre with a Kitchen - to teach cooking healthy meals
Baby Centre- to help look after babies, supply needs like bottles, diapers, strollers etc
Prenatal classes run by retired nurses. There are 2 Staff Members dedicated to help young moms
Kids find out about the centre through Word of Mouth- PR
At the centre he also runs a game night a tutoring program costing $30 per student. The program is available for free to those that cannot afford the $30
Joey fundraises to pay for his salary. It's a way for him to show the students that he has so many people supporting what he does. Most of the funds come from churches and non-for-profit organizations. Due to various rules in the school board he doesn't receive monetary compassion from the school boards. His programs are available to all kids in need regardless of their believes and religion.
Thanking the Guest Speaker

Julio thanked Joey.
Meeting adjourned - 1:30PM