From left to right: Paul Harris recipient Anita Djurkovic, District Governor Lisa Bishop, Past President and Paul Harris recipient Krystal Riddell, President Julio Batres-Gavidia, Paul Harris Recipient Susan Baldry
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On Wednesday October 26 our Club held its 2022 Paul Harris Luncheon. Thank you to all who joined us in celebrating such a wonderful occasion. District Governor Lisa Bishop also informed us that the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South had received The Rotary Citation from Rotary International. This is a recognition of the club's hard work.  It gives recognition to clubs who are doing all the right things to engage their members, stay relevant in their community and contribute to the overall health and culture of Rotary for generations to come. She also informed us that in addition to securing the Rotary International Citation, our club achieve the 2021-2022 Light house award given our by our District 7090 and the Governor! So there was a lot to celebrate!
Susan Baldry
Over ten years ago, I met Susan Baldry when we both were teaching at the former
West Park Secondary School. Susan was well respected by her co-workers and
students. It was easy to see that her firm, consistent and yet understanding and kind
manner encouraged all her students to work to the best their abilities and often more.
Her innate ability to see the good and the best in each student was an inspiration to me
to do my best too. Former staff and students still meet her with smiles, and I know why.
Susan is a giver, not a taker. Fast forward a couple of years. Susan decided to retire….
but only from teaching. What would she do now? Well, the gardens around her home
are full of colour and inviting to every passerby. Lots of back breaking work there for
sure. And her numerous Road Scholar Trips around the world experiencing fascinating
topics like art, history, world cultures, archaeology, geology and more. Can you
imagine the exciting knowledge Susan carries around? But did Susan stop here? No,
never! Susan gives many hours of her time to her church, St. Johns in Thorold where
once again one can view beautiful flowers inside and outside. She helps in many other
ways too. She is a valuable and very giving member of her church. But wait, the story
does not end here. Susan is also a weekly volunteer in the food room at Community
Care St. Catharines where she stocks the food shelves and assist clients in choosing
the foods required to supplement what is needed for them and their families. In
addition, Susan has become one of the leading volunteers that plans, organizes, and
helps distribute toys at Community Cares Toy Bureau. Over 1,500 families utilize this
service every Christmas. Susan’s “freely given” time quickly adds up to more than 200
hours just for this service. Her endurance amazes me! Oh, but one more story on how
she lends a helping hand. For the past few years Susan has filled backpacks and
matched shoes of the correct size for the 1,349 students whose families registered for
the Snacks & Sneakers’ Program offered by Community Care of St. Catharines and
Thorold. So yes, Susan is a positive and outstanding friend who only sees the good in
others. Whenever asked, Susan is there to help. She continues to go “above and
beyond” in giving her time, her talents and her heart to improve the lives of the people
in need in our community! Sandra (Rothman) Swais

Krystal Riddell

One of our Club’s tradition is to give the past club president a Paul Harris Fellow as a thank you for their
service during their presidential year.

Past President Krystal Riddell has been a member of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South since 2017.
She lives her live exemplifying the attributes of our rotary motto - Service above Self. Her presidential year
was during one of the most difficult times that a president can have. Social gathering restrictions didn’t stop
her from helping charities such as Tool Box Niagara, Food 4 Kids, Community Care among many others.
She was able to achieve most of her Rotary International club goals that were set for her presidential year
for which she received the Lighthouse award from the Rotary District 7090. In the community Krystal and
her business Essential Cremations and Burial Services, are well known for their altruistic endeavors. Her
passion for the serving the community is shown by the many projects and charitable organizations that she
supports. If you get an email at 3AM about a great project that our club should support is likely that is
coming from Krystal. She devotes countless hours to our Rotary Club while balancing a family life and a
busy successful business.

Krystal grew up living throughout the Niagara Region. During her high school years, she attended AN
Myer, Ridgeway Crystal Beach High and Thorold Secondary School. Immediately following high school,
she moved to Toronto and attended Humber College to become a Licensed Funeral Director.
Krystal completed her internship and continued to work at the George Darte Funeral Home, in St.
Catharines, for 10 years. During her time spent there, she had an invaluable experience, as she learned
and developed an extraordinary level of standards and care that she was honoured to extend to the
families she helped.

As Krystal grew into the role of being a funeral director, she proudly contemplated different ways she could
effectively give back to her community. Krystal is a Past President of the Niagara District Funeral Services
Association. Krystal is past chairperson of Spiritual Development and a member of the Catholic Women’s
League. She also contributes her time and philanthropic support to the Tool Box Project- Niagara,
Community Crew, Hospice Niagara, and other local community organizations.

As an environmentalist, Krystal is a an advocate and a leader within her profession for encouraging and
promoting eco-friendly death care services. She is a member of the Green Burial Society of Canada,
where she sat on the board for 2 years. She has ensured that Essentials has achieved a Three Leaf
Certification with the Green Burial Council.

Krystal extremely passionate about helping families in their time of need, and is committed to serving all
families with the highest level of professionalism and care. For Krystal, this profession has never been “a
business”, it has always been about helping and taking care of people in all capacities. Over the past 17
years, Krystal has seen first hand the change in economical times and funeral traditions. She believes in
the importance and need to offer an effective and affordable death care service.

Krystal is married to her husband, Dave. Together they have two sons, William and Alex. Also not to forget
their dog Flynn and cat Archie.
Anita Djurkovic
I have known Anita for 5 years. Her professional role and vocation is in ministry. She has been
attending Trinity College in Toronto, part of the Faculty of Divinity. She has dedicated many
years at St. George's Anglican Church here in St. Catharines, and this is where she currently
holds the position as Sub-Deacon. Anita's love and devotion to humanitarian work aligns with the
Rotarian philosophy "service above self".
More often than not, Anita's work is gifted and provided out of the goodness of her heart. She
volunteered to help me at Essentials with the offer that her pay could be given to charity; and
that's exactly who Anita is.
For 5 years she has regularly served at the St. George's Breakfast Program and has also been a
volunteer with Start Me Up Niagara. She is most empathetic and compassionate to those who
experience life with no housing and that frequent the shelters and streets. She is always the one
you could count on to stand up and protect the dignity of those experiencing homelessness and
mental health challenges.
She co-chairs the Community Social Justice & Outreach Committee through St. George's
Church, and is currently my partner for our fundraiser that will benefit the Niagara Regional
Sexual Assault Centre ... (The raffle was completely her idea and it has been a pleasure to work
with her.)
In addition to these wonderful attributes, Anita has a home studio where she has hosted events
and has freely allowed for local artists to display their artwork (free of charge). She has
successfully fundraised and participated in the Coldest Night of the Year.
Anita has comforted the dying and has left a true loving impression with grieving families.
Recently we found out that Anita is this year's recipient of the “Resilience Award" through the
organization Brilliant Minded Women Foundation, which I am so eagerly looking forward to that
gala to celebrate the legacy and impact she is leaving in this world.
I feel blessed to know Anita. She is someone I deeply admire for her dedication towards service
to others. Today it is my greatest honour to nominate and bestow this achievement, a Paul Harris
Fellow, to Anita. A fellow community volunteer, a woman of faith and my dearest friend.
Respectfully submitted by Krystal Riddell